The Great Park

Creating the Great Park

The Great Park is Sempervirens Fund’s vision of a beautiful, healthy, accessible redwood forest between Silicon Valley and the Pacific Ocean. The Great Park protects remaining old-growth redwoods as well as second-growth redwood forests. The vision integrates both public and private land into a magnificent, resilient whole.


The Great Park encompasses 195 square miles of redwood forest and watersheds in the Santa Cruz Mountains (125,000 acres) stretching from Pescadero Creek to Wilder Ranch, from Skyline to the sea. That’s four San Franciscos or seven Big Basins, and larger than Lake Tahoe.

The Great Park will protect remaining old-growth redwoods, as well as second-growth redwoods that are only 50-150 years into their 2,000-year lifespan. Once protected and connected, the natural systems can reassert themselves, and the healthy forest can sustain itself – and us — for countless centuries to come. It will provide a safe home for wildlife — like mountain lions, marbled murrelet and salmon – and crucial refuge and recreation for us all.

About 2/3 of the Great Park area is already protected – hosting countless people and animals every day. But, 63 square miles (40,000 acres) of priority forest land are still vulnerable every day to pavement, subdivisions, fences and chainsaws. This endangers all the animals and people who depend on the forest. A vast Sequoia sempervirens forest thrived here for at least 20 million years – and with our help may support people and wildlife for 20 million more.

In 1900, Sempervirens Fund led the way to permanently protect six square miles of old-growth redwoods which are now the heart of Big Basin Redwoods State Park. We’ve added to the Great Park landscape for more than 100 years with the support of our donors and partners.

Sempervirens Fund is pioneering a new model by weaving together public parks, private land and sustainably managed forests into a beautiful, healthy redwood world – while we open up more ways for people to enjoy it. We are defining the priorities that can unite more than 25 local agencies and organizations that manage parts of the local redwood forest. We are bringing in new partners, new supporters and new ideas to create the Great Park.

Join us

Sempervirens Fund knows how people like you can play a crucial, positive role in creating the Great Park – an extraordinary redwood forest where wildlife thrives and people find joy and renewal. Your passion and your investment provide a permanent legacy of giant redwood trees, clear-running streams and a healthy forest in your own backyard.

Let’s come together here and right now, and take action at this crucial moment in redwood history – so we all can enjoy the local redwood forest with our families and friends and countless generations to come. Donate Now

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