SOLD! Ansel Adams Portfolio Four

Sempervirens Fund auctioned a very special portfolio of images by master photographer Ansel Adams through Christie’s Auction House on Oct. 10.

We’re excited to announce that the artwork fetched $75,000! Proceeds from the auction will go directly to the new entrance Sempervirens Fund is building at Castle Rock to honor the land and the Silicon Valley visionaries it inspired.

Thank you for helping get the word out and your continued support of the Sempervirens Fund mission.

The winning bidder of Portfolio Four on Oct. 10 owns timeless art, but they have also helped secure the very landscapes that inspired Ansel Adams.

In 1959, Silicon Valley founder Russell Varian secured an option to buy the property that would become Castle Rock – a place he had often hiked with Ansel Adams, a close friend.

Varian died unexpectedly before he could donate the land to California State Parks, but his widow, Dorothy Varian, leveraged Sempervirens Fund as a trust to acquire the lands for conservation.

In 1963, Ansel Adams produced Portfolio Four, which he subtitled “What Majestic Word, In Memory of Russell Varian.” The series of images, which includes a photograph from Castle Rock State Park, is accompanied by poetry written by Varian and his father, the poet John Varian.

The Varian family gave Sempervirens Fund three copies of Ansel Adams’ Portfolio Four to benefit Castle Rock State Park.

For more information about Russell Varian and the 50th Anniversary of Castle Rock State Park,