Create​ ​Your​ ​Living​ ​Legacy

Yule Day at Big Basin

Dedicating a Tree at Big Basin Redwoods State Park. Photo by Mike Kahn/SVF.


Create Your Living Legacy

Sempervirens Fund is proud to offer the unique opportunity of dedicating individual trees and groves within the redwood forests of the beautiful Santa Cruz Mountains. Tree and grove dedications are a wonderful way to demonstrate your commitment to the protection and preservation of our environment and appreciation of the outdoors. A dedicated tree or grove will become your personal place of connection to the forests that will stand as long as the trees! Your tree or grove will be a lasting physical legacy that your family and friends will appreciate for generations to come. A handsome engraved plaque or sign permanently marks your special place. Dedications never “expire,” so the tree or grove will be yours forever. For many, a visit to their tree or grove becomes an annual reunion for family members from around the country.

Panorama Ridge Castle Rock State Park

A panoramic view of Castle Rock State Park. Photo credit to Sempervirens Fund.

Creating this kind of lasting legacy is easy. Dedications can be made in the present day or built into your estate plan. Contributions for a dedicated tree start at $1,000 and dedicated groves start at $25,000. All gifts are fully tax-deductible in the year they are made and support the work of California’s original and oldest land trust, Sempervirens Fund (named for the Sequoia sempervirens or coast redwood).

Your Gift Supports…

Established in 1900, Sempervirens Fund is the only accredited land trust dedicated exclusively to protecting and restoring the forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains. In its 116 years, Sempervirens Fund has permanently protected more than 53 square miles of forests, watersheds and wildlife habitat from threats like development, pollution and logging. Your gift goes far when you invest with us, 84 percent of every dollar goes to programs to help continue our work.

 Madrone Grove at Big Basin Redwoods. Photo by Amanda Krauss/SVF.

Madrone Grove at Big Basin Redwoods. Photo by Amanda Krauss/SVF.

Tree and Grove Options

A variety of tree and grove options are available. Through a special arrangement with California State Parks, Sempervirens Fund offers trees and groves within three of the most magnificent parks: Big Basin Redwoods, Butano, and Castle Rock — all of which are easily accessible to the greater San Francisco and Monterey Bay Areas. The value of the tree or grove is based on factors like its accessibility, age and size, and type of tree. Redwoods, oaks, madrones, firs and other native species may be specified. Younger trees are available (for example, those that you can just barely reach your arms around) all the way through unique old-growth giants. Groves are parcels of land of approximately one acre encompassing many individual trees and features. Groves are permanently recorded with the State of California.

Garside Grove Photo

Michele Garside Magical Grove Dedication. Photo by Carrie Drake/SVF.

More information

We would be delighted to talk with you about how you can create your own living legacy in the Santa Cruz Mountains redwood forests. Contact our Director of Tribute and Legacy Giving, Amanda Krauss, (650) 949-1453 x204, with specific questions and to initiate your dedication or for information on making a legacy gift to Sempervirens Fund in your will or estate plan. To make your tribute gift now click here.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to hearing from you.