Under the Redwoods

Exploring the beauty, history, science, and benefits of our magnificent redwood forests.

In this webinar series, we invite experts and thinkers to join us to explore our magnificent redwood forests, what makes redwoods so special, why they thrive here and nowhere else in the world, and what they mean to us in our lives.

Under the Redwoods returns in 2021

We kickoff the new year in conversation with Armando Quintero, the director of California State Parks, on January 26.

Looking to California State Parks’ Future: Armando Quintero

January 26, 1 p.m.
Armando Quintero

Armando Quintero

An environmental scientist by training, Armando Quintero is new to his role with California State Parks, and brings considerable experience in park operations, outdoor education, equity and access, and public service roles. We look forward to exploring our State Parks with him, his goals for his tenure, and the next steps for our regional state parks to recover from wildfires and reopen to the public.

You can register for the January webinar and the rest of the series here.

Past Webinars

Valentin Lopez

Valentin Lopez – Photo credit EkOngKar Khalsa

Indigenous People of the Santa Cruz Mountains: Valentin Lopez

Valentin Lopez, the chairman of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band, discusses efforts to re-learn and reclaim cultural traditions to care for the earth in their ancestral territory. You can also read our SemperVoices interview with Val, discussing the true riches of relationships with the land.
October 2020


Emily Burns, Ph.D. shares signs of redwoods recovery.


Signs of Life: Forests in Recovery

Redwoods expert Emily Burns, Ph.D. shares the signs she looks for in forests recovering from wildfire. This presentation is hopeful, insightful, and brimming with facts that may matter now more than ever. You can also enjoy Dr. Burns’ Ten Signs Of Hope In A Forest After Fire from our SemperVoices series.
September 2020.



Ian Rowbotham

Ian Rowbotham discusses wildfire management strategies.

Managing for Wildfire in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Sempervirens Fund Land Stewardship Manager Ian Rowbotham details the work that goes into preventing wildfire, managing fire risks, and using fire as a tool for healthy land management. This presentation offers important context for the work to come to mitigate the risks for future wildfire events before they occur.
July 2020.



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