An Ever Living Tribute

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Protect the forests of tomorrow by dedicating a mature redwood tree in honor of someone today.

Sempervirens. Latin, meaning “ever living.”

What could be a more meaningful tribute to a special loved one than an ever living tribute like a mature redwood tree? It’s a truly unique gift: a sentinel from the past, a joy in the present, and a legacy to the future. Make a gift online to dedicate a tree or grove.

The gift of a dedicated redwood tree tells your honoree that their place in your life is timeless. It says that you care about their future so much that you’re protecting not only one special tree, but all redwood forests so that generations to come can experience their beauty. How? Your dedication gift supports the work of Sempervirens Fund, California’s oldest land trust and the only organization working exclusively to protect, preserve and restore the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

After all, redwoods are something truly worth saving. Coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) are one of the most extraordinary organisms on Earth.

  • Redwoods grow taller than any other living thing.
  • Their thick bark makes them highly resistant to disease, pests and fire.
  • They filter huge amounts of carbon from the air we breathe, more than any other species.
  • They capture moisture from fog in the driest months of summer, providing life-giving fresh water to the creeks and wildlife below.
  • The redwoods ecosystem is unique in all the world, thriving only along a narrow strip of the California and Oregon coasts.
  • And perhaps most impressively, redwoods live as long as 1,200 years! An individual tree truly never dies since redwoods regenerate themselves from their roots … so the giants that inspire us today are the direct genetic descendants of the primeval forests that stood here tens of thousands of years ago!

A dedicated tree will become your honoree’s personal place of connection to the natural world. It will be your living, lasting gift. For a young person, their tree might be the catalyst for seeking a deeper understanding of the forest ecosystem and the importance of conservation. It might become their place for quiet contemplation or spiritual restoration in an increasingly noisy, hectic world. A visit to their tree may become a sort of pilgrimage to a place with deep personal meaning. It may become something they share with their children, their children’s children and beyond.

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Creating Your Living Tribute

Creating this kind of living tribute is easy. Contributions range from $1,000 for a young tree. Mature redwoods start at around the $5,000 level and move upwards to true old growth giants at $500,000 and above. Contributions are fully tax-deductible in the year they are made and support the work of Sempervirens Fund.

A handsome engraved plaque or sign permanently marks each dedicated tree. Dedications never “expire” so the tree will be theirs forever. A customized kit with maps and GPS coordinates will direct them right to their tree. Sempervirens Fund will be pleased to lead your honoree on a hike to their tree and is available to help you coordinate a special tribute dedication ceremony.*

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*available for dedications of $5,000 and above.

Your Gift Supports…

Established in 1900, Sempervirens Fund is the only accredited land trust dedicated exclusively to protecting and restoring the forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains. In its 117 years, Sempervirens Fund has permanently protected more than 53 square miles of forests, watersheds and wildlife habitat from excessive development, pollution, and unsustainable logging. Every dollar of your living tribute helps us continue this work! (See our history of accomplishments and recent financial performance.)

Tree Options

A variety of dedicated tree options are available. Through a special arrangement with California State Parks, Sempervirens Fund offers individual trees and entire groves within three of the most magnificent parks: Big Basin Redwoods, Castle Rock and Butano — all of which are easily accessible to the greater San Francisco, Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay Areas. The value of the tree is based on factors like its accessibility, age and size and type of tree. Redwoods, oaks, madrones and other native species may be specified. Younger trees are available (for example, those that you can reach your arms around) all the way through towering old-growth giants.

Sempervirens Fund also offers entire groves of trees for dedication. Groves are parcels of land of approximately one acre encompassing many individual trees and landscape features. Groves are permanently recorded with the State of California.

Find maps of Big Basin Redwoods, Butano, and Castle Rock State Parks – locations where Sempervirens Fund Dedication sites are available.

More Information

We would be delighted to talk with you about how you can create your own living tribute in the Santa Cruz Mountains redwood forests. Feel free to visit our website for general information on the Tribute Program, or contact Amanda Krauss (, Director of Tribute and Legacy Giving with specific questions and to initiate your dedication.

For information on making a legacy gift to Sempervirens Fund in your will or estate plan, contact our Director of Tribute and Legacy Giving, Amanda Krauss (


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