Planting Seedlings at San Vicente Redwoods

Redwood seedling planted on a grassy slope.

In ten years we hope to see a redwood tree growing in this exact spot. Photo by Ian Rowbotham.

Planting Redwood Trees for the Future

When it comes to permanently protecting redwood forests in the Santa Cruz Mountains, purchasing a property is only the first step. After that, we must continue our work to restore native habitat.

On Friday, March 31st, Sempervirens Fund staff — along with members from two of our Conservation Partner organizations and property manager Nadia Hamey — set out to plant 450 redwood seedlings at San Vicente Redwoods. This 8,500-acre property was purchased through the Living Landscape Initiative (LLI) in 2011, and, as it connects 27,000 acres of contiguous protected land, it is an important hub for wildlife. We targeted a portion of the property that surrounds Picnic Creek, an area that was degraded years ago by a topsoil removal project.

We spent the day carrying shovels and baskets of seedlings through the forest. Picnic Creek is at the center of a wide ravine surrounded by steep, grassy slopes. We clambered up and down the terrain in search of sunlight, moisture, and space between trees — conditions that help seedlings thrive. It was a sweaty, but satisfying, day of planting. Over the next decade, we hope to see about half of the seedlings survive and mature. Over time, new redwood trees will protect against erosion, renew the soil, and encourage native flora to grow.

If you’d like to join us in making a direct impact, look for upcoming volunteer restoration events under News & Events.

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Planting a redwood seedling near Picnic Creek. Photo by Ian Rowbotham.

Planting a redwood seedling near Picnic Creek. Photo by Ian Rowbotham.