Tribute Donors 2019

Marking a dedicated tree.


Sempervirens Fund Tributes

The following people have been generously honored and remembered with a dedicated tree or grove and represent our past accomplishments and the future that these special lands promise for generations to come. Below, we gratefully acknowledge all those who made a gift during 2019 and cumulatively gave $1,000. Thank you to everyone who is committed to protecting redwoods forever!


Dedicated Groves

From the majestic redwoods in Big Basin Redwoods and Butano State Parks to the peaceful forest lands of Castle Rock State Parks, a dedicated grove is a lasting tribute to your generosity and commitment to the preservation of the coast redwood forestlands.

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Dedicated Tree Stake

Anonymous (2)

The Ganz Family 150th Birthday
Given by Steven Ganz and Judith Tick

Bruce Grench Memorial Grove
Given by Dawn Grench


Dedicated Trees

Standing straight and tall, majestic coast redwoods and other native trees serve as living memorials and gifts. Dedicating a tree helps to protect the redwood forests that protect our planet. Thank you!

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In Honor of:

Anonymous (3)

James Brooks
Given by Hannah Brooks

Monique Cannell
Given by William N. Harris

Scott Chamberlain
Given by Jennifer Parks

Patricia Curia
Given by Patricia Curia

Carl Dobson
Given by Janet Dobson

John and Nancy Durein
Given by Frances Leonard

Jerry Horton
Given by Bruce Hildenbrand

Amy Lin, Dani and Bernard Lyn
Given by Dana Lyn

Kenneth and Patricia Stackhouse
Given by Patricia* and Kenneth Stackhouse

In Memory of:

Anonymous (5)

Given by Alexandra Conway

Thomas and Marcelle Aiken
Given by Janet Elliott

Jerry August
Given by Barbara August

Robert Baer, MD
Given by Sempervirens Fund

Michael Boland
Given by Linda Wong

Kendra M. Chan
Given by Vicki Moore

R. Scott Chan
Given by Vicki Moore

David Covell
Given by Arvid Underman

Jeanne Alina Dobson
Given by Janet Dobson

Joseph Dobson
Given by Janet Dobson

Joan Marie Hedberg
Given by Family

Donald Lock Hildenbrand
Given by Bruce Hildenbrand

Briana Hillard
Given by Justin Basilico

Spencer Richard Hodgson
Given by Daphne Hodgson

Chenxue Hong
Given by Zhengyi Zhou

Thurza Vincent McKeachie
Given by Olivia Orr

Linda Meyer
Given by Family, Friends, and Colleagues

Joan Mock
Given by Patricia * and Kenneth Stackhouse

Aki Niimura
Given by Family and Friends

Dan O’Neill
Given by Frank and Jean Berry

Leo Angelo Ortolan
Given by Dolores Roseveare

Don and Norma Patterson
Given by Tracy Hiyakumoto

Jacqueline and Charles Peterson
Given by John Peterson and Family

Maxwell Pomeroy
Given by Family and Friends

Richard Quinlan
Given by William N. Harris

Don Rossi
Given by Ellie and Dick Mansfield

Sandra Roszell
Given by Ellie and Dick Mansfield

Robert Scarlett and Patricia Scarlett
Given by Nora Scarlett and Family

Frans Seelen
Given by Julie Seelen

Robert Seipel, MD
Given by Robert* and Jean Baer

Randy Sereno
Given by the San Jose Woman’s Club and Lynda Sereno

Gary Smialek
Given by Elaine Korn & Family

Cynthia J. Solem
Given by Family and Friends

Rotraut C. Weiss
Given by Joanne and Kevin Beatty



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