Volunteer with Sempervirens Fund on January 28th

Photo Credit: Ian Bornarth

All Out Volunteer Event: January 2017 – Photo Credit: Ian Bornarth

Sempervirens Fund hosts volunteer restoration event for REI’s ALL OUT 2017 campaign

Posted February 08, 2017

Thank you to the amazing volunteers who came out to remove invasive species at the future entrance to Castle Rock State Park! It was a perfect winter day, and for nearly 3 hours over 20 dedicated volunteers pulled hundreds of the non-native plant French broom, some measuring over 10 feet tall! This work is vital to help restore the site to native grassland and woodland, and requires long-term, yearly management to solve. We look forward to future events to continue the critical stewardship of the Santa Cruz Mountains, and a big thanks to REI and State Parks for their help supporting the event.

Photo credit: Ian Bornarth

Photo credit: Ian Bornarth

Posted January 05, 2017

To help encourage people to get outside and explore the outdoors in the spirit of REI’s ALL OUT 2017 campaign, Sempervirens Fund is hosting a volunteer restoration event on its property nestled within Castle Rock State Park. Volunteers will conduct vital invasive species removal to help restore the native grassland and woodland that define this beloved area.

Invasive species compete for space, light, water, and nutrients with native species, and can completely alter natural habitats and communities. In addition to pushing out native plants and vegetation, in many cases they present fire risks and also reduce available food sources for native insects, birds, and mammals. Sempervirens Fund works hard to eliminate these non-native invaders and revitalize the landscape, and your help is critical in accomplishing this.

Join Sempervirens Fund on Saturday, January 28th from 11:00 am-2:00 pm to take part in this important work and enjoy the amazing landscape as we prepare to build a new park entrance at this treasured hiking and rock-climbing destination.


Volunteer Event Details

To sign up: Please contact our Land Stewardship Associate, Ian Rowbotham, at irowbotham@sempervirens.org or (650) 949-1453 x208.

When: Saturday, January 28th, 11am-2pm

Activities: Participants will pull invasive weeds by hand or using basic hand tools. Work will be moderately strenuous, and may take place on sloped and uneven terrain. All tools, gloves, and gear will be provided by Sempervirens, but if you have your own equipment we recommend bringing it along. We recommend wearing long sleeves, pants, and durable hiking shoes. Snacks and beverages will be provided, but a bag lunch is recommended.

Minimum age: 15

Where: Sempervirens Fund’s property adjacent to the current Castle Rock State Park parking lot

Directions from Santa Cruz:

From CA-17 N: continue 18 miles, and take the exit toward Bear Creek Road. Turn right onto Montevina Road, followed by a left onto Black Road. Follow Black Road 9.1 miles to CA-35 N. Turn right, and continue 4.2 miles, the Gate B destination will be on the left, one driveway north of the Castle Rock entrance.

From CA-9 N/Hwy 9 in Felton: continue 14.3 miles until the junction at Big Basin Highway/CA-236. Turn right onto CA-9, and continue for 6 miles to CA-35 S. Turn right, and continue 2.2 miles, the Gate B destination will be on the right one driveway north of the Castle Rock entrance.

Directions from Los Altos:

From I-280 South, use the right 2 lanes to take exit 12 to merge onto CA-85 S toward Gilroy. Continue 4.7 miles, and take the Saratoga Ave exit. Use the right 2 lanes to turn right onto Saratoga Ave. Continue onto CA-9 S/Big Basin Way for 7.3 miles, then take a sharp left onto CA-35 S. Continue 2.2 miles, and the destination will be on the right one driveway north of the Castle Rock entrance.



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