Be a Redwood Ambassador

Ambassador Outreach

Speak for the Trees

“Together we can re-establish a beautiful, healthy, accessible redwood forest between Silicon Valley and the Pacific Ocean”

As an Ambassador, you play a crucial role in spreading enthusiasm about the Sempervirens Fund Great Park vision, the organization’s leadership and the fundraising campaign.

Spread the word

Here are some ways you can spread the word about Sempervirens Fund and the Great Park Campaign:

  • Take friends out for a redwood experience and share what you know;
  • Host or co-host a house party;
  • Deliver Sempervirens Fund brochures and other redwood info to appropriate places in your area;
  • Suggest a redwood-related book to your book club;
  • Join us on the Sempervirens Fund Facebook page – a great way to share your love of the redwoods (and valuable info) with your family and friends;
  • Talk about the local redwood forest, Sempervirens Fund and the Great Park fundraising campaign with your friends and neighbors.