Sempervirens Fund is committed to our communities during coronavirus

Your health and well-being are very much on our minds these days. COVID-19 persists in our communities, and although the future is uncertain, we hope you will stay informed, follow guidelines, and take care of yourself. Visit the California Department of Public Health for more information and guidance on Coronavirus.

Our staff is working from home, so our work to protect the redwood forests can continue while also keeping our staff safe. We are postponing any gatherings we were planning until further notice.

As we all grapple with the impacts of COVID-19, many traditional places where communities gather for exercise and socializing are closed and cultural experiences and events are canceled. Having public natural spaces where people can have limited social interactions while getting fresh air and exercise for physical and mental health has never been more important.

Our best-in-class staff, our extraordinary volunteers, and our network of partners will continue to work hard every day to ensure the protection of the redwood forests in the Santa Cruz Mountains, and that everyone has access to experience these magnificent trees. A heartfelt thank you to friends and donors who are reaching out to share your concern and commitment to our team. Our work continues and is more important now than ever, and we appreciate your continued support of our mission.