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Join Us in the Forest

Events to Enjoy and Appreciate Nature in the Santa Cruz Mountains

From their high mountain ridges through deep, forested river basins and out to the coast of the Pacific Ocean, there are a great many wonders to discover in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Sempervirens Fund often hosts events to explore and appreciate the region’s rich diversity of wildlife, plants, and habitats.. We hope you’ll join us in the forest.

Although precautions and restrictions due to COVID-19 and damage from the 2020 CZU Lightening Complex Fires currently prevent us from visiting in person and from visiting certain parks and forests, we are delighted to invite you to join us in the forest virtually. Delve into the beauty, history, science, and benefits of our magnificent redwood forests with Under the Redwoods: a Sempervirens Fund webinar series.

Under the Redwoods: a Sempervirens Fund webinar series

In this webinar series, we invite experts and thinkers to join us to explore our magnificent redwood forests, what makes redwoods so special, why they thrive here and nowhere else in the world, and what they mean to us in our lives.We are looking forward to bringing you a full year of webinar presentations in 2021 from 1:00 to 2:00 pm on the last Tuesday of each month.

Pumas in the Santa Cruz Mountains: Chris Wilmers

The Santa Cruz Puma Project has been studying mountain lions (or pumas) in the Santa Cruz Mountains for 12 years. Join Chris Wilmers, Ph.D., Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, UC Santa Cruz, to learn about the long term findings of their research exploring how human presence impacts puma behavior, movements, and survival. Along the way we will delve into some of the mysteries of mountain lion natural history, including how they communicate with each other, what they think of Rachel Maddow and Rush Limbaugh, and how they responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Suzanne Simard

Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest: A Conversation with Suzanne Simard

Join us Under the Redwoods with renowned ecologist and author of Finding the Mother Tree, Professor Suzanne Simard, to learn about her pioneering research exploring how connections and communication between trees, particularly below-ground connections between Douglas-fir Mother Trees and seedlings, could influence forest recovery.

Doug McConnell

Our Parks and Conservation Future: A Conversation with Doug McConnell

The Bay Area region has long been on the leading edge of land conservation, and for nearly four decades Doug McConnell has crafted the seminal stories of our conservation triumphs and challenges. Join us July 29 Under the Redwoods for a conversation with Doug about what inspires him when he looks ahead to our parks and conservation future.

Chris Spohrer

A Year After Fire Changed Big Basin: A Conversation with Chris Spohrer

Join us for a conversation with California State Parks-Santa Cruz District Superintendent Chris Spohrer for a look back at a year since the CZU Lightning Complex swept through Big Basin Redwoods State Park. We will also look ahead at Big Basin’s future. 

Scott Stephens

Fire, Forests, and California: One Year Since Big Basin Burned

Join Scott Stephens, U.C. Berkeley’s Professor of Fire Science, for a conversation about what’s happened since Big Basin burned over a year ago, and how we are–or aren’t–addressing the very real challenges with fire ecology to preserve our forests.


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