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Your Impact is the Difference

Redwoods will endure with your support

Since we were founded in 1900, Sempervirens Fund supporters have had a central role in permanently protecting coast redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains. These trees will outlast us all by many generations, and we are grateful for your commitment and support, now and always.

Your impact on protecting redwood forests also benefits critical and thriving regional ecosystems, clean water, a rich diversity of wildlife, and communities dependent on nature for their well-being, economies, and access to rewarding wilderness and cultural experiences.

Every tree, every acre, and every forest we protect and care for together strengthens the connections nature needs to thrive, and we need to ensure our region has a chance to be healthy and resilient. Thank you for your support.

Your Impact in 2023

Thanks to your support, donations, and volunteer time, 2023 was an impactful year in the Santa Cruz mountains! Together, we protected and connected more than 200 acres of redwood forests vital to rebuilding Big Basin Redwoods State Park, and expanded Castle Rock State Park by another 200 acres.  We cared for 12,696 acres of forests and documented endangered marbled murrelets among them. And we enacted our Climate Action Plan to help guide protection of priority forests and help accelerate the growth of redwoods to be more resilient to increased climate changes ahead. This is what impact your support had on our mission to protect and permanently preserve redwood forests:

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Safeguarding a region at risk

Spanning more than 1,000 square miles, the Santa Cruz Mountains region is a spectacular, biodiverse regional wonderland. A third of the region’s forests are unprotected and at risk. Every acre of forest under threat can have consequences for what we have already protected. Intact habitat is critical for our forests and the wildlife that call them home to thrive, ensures clean water, and helps us prepare for and mitigate the risks of fire. Learn more about the risks to this region.

Despite these threats, your support ensures we are working to protect redwood forested lands critical to the region’s health and resilience. Learn more about how you make this work happen.

Together, we have protected more than 36,000 acres of redwood forests and helped establish three state and two regional parks. We currently own and care for more than 12,000 acres of forests throughout the region. With your support we continue to protect and care for more land every year, and deepen our partnerships to ensure our forests thrive for generations to come.

Learn more about how your support makes a difference

Our expert staff, advisors, and partners collaborate to ensure that the redwood forests most essential to a thriving and resilient Santa Cruz Mountains ecosystem are protected and cared for, always.

Follow along with us and our partners as we explore the science, beauty, and history of the coast redwoods.


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Goal: $124,000 by June 30

Double your impact protecting redwoods! Every dollar counts towards safeguarding these majestic giants. Act now to ensure a thriving future for our redwood forests.

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