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California’s Majestic
Coast Redwoods

Coast redwoods—Sequoia sempervirens—are the majestic guardians of California's most precious habitats and wildlife. With your support, Sempervirens Fund protects and preserves redwood forests in the Santa Cruz mountains, ensuring a healthy and resilient balance of nature, now and always.

NEWS: Sempervirens Fund Launches Trails Prescription Program for the Santa Cruz Mountains

Sempervirens Fund’s Trails Prescription Program, also known as Trails Rx, encourages people to explore the outdoors by promoting the health and wellness benefits associated with spending time in nature. Trails Rx gives clinicians and patients new options to turn a recommendation for time in nature into a specific ‘prescription’ for where best to go outdoors and benefit from a specific place, or trail.

Introduction to Forest Bathing

Forest bathing, or “Shinrin-yoku” as it’s called in Japan where the practice was founded, is a way of immersing your senses in nature that has proven benefits for our physical and mental well being. Time in nature can boost our immune systems and creativity, settle our minds, and lower our stress levels. But how do you forest bathe? While an actual bath in the forest is not required, here’s an introduction to get started improving your connection with nature and your health.

ParksRx and You

Parks prescriptions, or ParksRx, is a movement based on the fundamental idea that spending time in nature is good for your health. In California’s Bay Area, most counties host a ParksRx program, often connecting parks and public health departments. They provide resources for clinicians and doctors to recommend, like reminding a patient to exercise, spending time in nature as part of your health and wellness plan.

Our Vision

We believe wild and thriving redwood forests can flourish again from Silicon Valley to the Pacific Ocean. With your help, we can establish a large, interconnected, and protected network of healthy trees and streams, stretching across public and private lands. Learn more about our vision.

Our Work

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Join Us

You can support healthy, vibrant redwood forests to take root in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Join today to preserve redwoods for many generations to come. Look for upcoming campaigns and keep informed about how you can get more involved. Thank you for being part of this epic journey forward.

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Goal: $124,000 by June 30

Double your impact protecting redwoods! Every dollar counts towards safeguarding these majestic giants. Act now to ensure a thriving future for our redwood forests.

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