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Cotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument Campaign

The Campaign for Cotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument is being led by Sempervirens Fund and our Living Landscape Initiative partners.

The diverse and beautiful Coast Dairies property spans six watersheds and encompasses 5,800 acres of coastal prairies, redwood forests, riparian canyons and grazing lands. The land is located on the Santa Cruz north coast and owned by the federal Bureau of Land Management.

The campaign is dedicated to gaining permanent federal protection and conservation status for this unique property and its precious natural, cultural, historic, scenic and recreational values. Cotoni (pronounced “Cho-toni”) refers to and honors the native people that inhabited this area for thousands of years prior to European contact. Coast Dairies, the property’s current name, recognizes the land’s modern history dating back to the 1860s when Swiss dairy farmers acquired the land.

Situated just north of Wilder Ranch State Park and south of Swanton Pacific Ranch on the inland side of Highway 1, the property links together a vast landscape of coastal open spaces and upland forests including state and local parks, private nature preserves, working forests, agricultural lands, public beaches, a National Marine Sanctuary, and more.

The campaign is working closely with the community to seek designation of Cotoni-Coast Dairies as a National Monument by Congress and President Obama. Cotoni-Coast Dairies is included in the California Coastal National Monument Expansion Act under consideration. The campaign is also coordinating with local government and community groups to incorporate community input into the monument designation process.

Please visit the campaign website where you can pledge your name in support (all ages welcome). Thank you!

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 Cotoni-Coast Dairies.


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