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DEIJ Reading List

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Justice

DEIJ Reading List

As California’s first land trust, Sempervirens Fund has worked for over 120 years to create public lands that, in theory, can be enjoyed by all members of the public. In practice, however, public lands are not equally accessible to everyone and can be unwelcoming for many. So as we work to achieve our mission to protect redwoods and create public access to lands, we believe it is critical to center Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice (DEIJ) across all of our work. As a part of this effort, Sempervirens Fund has engaged Promise54, a professional DEIJ consultancy group, to deepen the organization’s commitment to DEIJ—for a growing staff and board, with our partners, and for safer and more welcoming experiences in the forests we cherish. As we move forward on this journey, our staff have shared some of the books that have served as guideposts for their own DEIJ journeys.

5. We Are Not Animals: Indigenous Politics of Survival, Rebellion, and Reconstitution in Nineteenth-Century California by Martin Rizzo-Martinez

The book does justice to the story of indigenous people in the Santa Cruz region by centering the narrative around indigenous stories and accounts from the Mission, Mexican, and early Californian periods. It is a story of survival and resilience of a people during a time of violent suffering and loss—a story that all Californians should learn and know. The foreword is by Amah Mutsun Tribal Chair Valentin Lopez. Read more about this book.

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