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Measure Q and Prop 1 Win, Assisted by Sempervirens Fund Support

The passage of these two November 2014 ballot initiatives brings benefits to the Santa Cruz Mountains and Bay Area open space.

Measure Q Passes in Santa Clara County

Nov. 10, 2014 — The election was on November 4th but definitive results of Measure Q have been too close to call until today. The 2/3 threshold was a tough bar to meet but this morning the Yes on Measure Q Campaign declared victory, with 67.7% of the vote.

Measure Q preserves open space, increases public access and protects water supplies in Silicon Valley. Sempervirens Fund supports the Santa Clara County Open Space Authority’s Measure Q because our Great Park and redwood forests do not exist in a vacuum. A healthy Santa Cruz Mountains requires a healthy Bay Area environment, for both wildlife to thrive and people to recreate, now and in the future.

Prop 1 Water Bond Succeeds in California

The Prop 1 Water Bond passed in California with 66.77% of the vote. Sempervirens Fund backed Prop 1 due to the more than $330 million in funding that will flow to ecosystem and watershed protection and restoration via agencies working in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Preserving watersheds is an integral part of our mission, along with expanding protected habitat and creating safe wildlife corridors.

Statewide, Prop 1 includes $1.4 billion in funding for watershed protection and restoration, including funds to restore critical wildlife habitat and protect California’s rivers, lakes, streams and coastal waters. Healthy redwood forests and clean water go hand in hand.

Learn more about Sempervirens Fund’s Prop 1 support.


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