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Image of the Gazos Creek Property, taken from the overlook on Olmo Fire Road.

Sempervirens Fund Takes Ownership of Gazos Creek

Friday, November 15, 2019. Sempervirens Fund announced today that it has taken formal ownership of the 320-acre Gazos Creek property, protected in March of this year in a larger deal with Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) and Big Creek Lumber. The property contains a large, second-growth forest that includes scattered old-growth trees and is directly adjacent to Butano State Park. It is considered critical habitat for the conservation of the endangered marbled murrelet.

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Gazos Creek redwood forest, near the San Mateo-Santa Cruz County line.

Sempervirens Fund Participates in Unique Partnership to Save 1,000 Acres

As reported March 26, 2019 in The Mercury News by Paul Rogers, Sempervirens Fund is helping Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) and Big Creek Lumber in a unique land partnership that will help save 937 acres of second-growth redwood forests. That’s the size of 710 football fields! The Gazos Creek property–the portion that Sempervirens Fund…

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