Sempervirens Fund Podcast

Episode 1

Russell Varian: The Man Behind the Klystron Tube, Silicon Valley and Castle Rock State Park

Welcome to the inaugural episode of the Sempervirens Fund Podcast, an audio foray deep into the natural and cultural history of California’s Santa Cruz Mountains.

Join Ryan Masters, Director of Communications for Sempervirens Fund, as he links the establishment of Castle Rock State Park in 1968 to Allied Victory in WWII and the birth of Silicon Valley by tracing the life of Russell Varian and his family.

From his childhood on the Utopian community of Halcyon to international fame as a wartime inventor to his tragic death in Alaska, Russell Varian’s brief, wonderful life lies at a unique intersection of wilderness, technology, spirituality and grit.

With the help of Henry Lowood, curator for History of Science & Technology Collections and Film & Media Collections in the Stanford University Libraries, this podcast examines how the man’s footfalls continue to echo loudly throughout Silicon Valley, Castle Rock State Park and the world today.