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Other Ways to Give

There are many ways you can make your donation count

Sempervirens Fund supporters appreciate the ecological importance and magnificent beauty of the coast redwoods and they understand the need to protect them now. The generous financial support of our community allows us to act quickly and decisively to protect redwood forests. There are many ways you can make your donation count.

Donate by Mail, Telephone, or Fax

Want to mail or fax your gift? Print our donation form and mail or fax it to us.

Mail: Sempervirens Fund, PO Box 5040, San Jose, CA 95150-5040

Fax: (650) 949-1483

Phone: Or you can simply give us a call at (650) 949-1453 x1.

Donate Your Vehicle

To donate a vehicle, please visit our customized vehicle donation website run by CARS™.

International Giving

We are thankful to all our supporters from around the world. If you would like to make a gift, outside of the United States, please click here. You can also call +1 (650) 949-1453 x1 to speak to our Donor Relations Coordinator or send your donation by mail or fax.

Gifts in Honor or Memory

Celebrate someone with a gift in their name and help to regrow and restore the redwood forests of today and for the future. Make your gift online or print a donation form to Grow the Forest or Dedicate a Tree or Grove. You can also make an international gift to Grow the Forest in someone's honor or memory online. Or you can simply give us a call at (650) 949-1453 x1.

Need Assistance?

If you cannot find the giving option you are looking for, please contact us at or (650) 949-1453.

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Goal: $124,000 by June 30

Double your impact protecting redwoods! Every dollar counts towards safeguarding these majestic giants. Act now to ensure a thriving future for our redwood forests.

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