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Sempervirens Fund Contributors

Working together to protect Santa Cruz Mountains redwood forests

Sempervirens Fund is very fortunate to earn the support of thousands of donors each year. We value your donations and take your investment seriously. Each contribution is vital and greatly appreciated! Whether an individual, a family, a company, a group or club, a foundation, or a grant-making institution, we all share a commitment to protect and preserve the precious redwood forest lands of the Santa Cruz Mountains.


Sempervirens Fund gratefully acknowledges the donors who made substantial contributions to the organization.


To protect and steward our founders’ legacy, Sempervirens Fund is partnering with old friends and new allies. We need everybody’s participation and everybody’s strength to safeguard the precious resources among the Santa Cruz Mountains.

We work with California State Parks, local open space districts, public agency partners, and partner conservation organizations to acquire redwood forest properties, improve access for recreation, and care for redwood forests that are recovering from logging, wildfire, and degradation. Our foundation and corporate partners support our work with critical funding to further our mission.

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Your gift by June 30 will be matched up to $150,000 to help ensure wild, thriving redwood forests can flourish again.

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