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Cotoni-Coast Ridge provides habitat for the American badger, white-tailed kite, great horned owl and northern harrier. It falls within the nesting range of the endangered marbled murrelet. Mountain lions roam across the connected forests. And, the property includes headwaters for a creek that is essential for the endangered Coho and steelhead salmon.
Sempervirens Fund has a unique opportunity to purchase the Cotoni-Coast Ridge—but we must have the funds in place by October 15.
We may not have a second chance.

Please make a tax-deductible gift to Preserve Cotoni-Coast Ridge today. Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation.

Protecting this landscape is critical not only for preserving the redwoods, but also for safeguarding the abundance of wildlife within.
As one of only two remaining unprotected properties next to San Vicente Redwoods, this strategic location of Cotoni-Coast Ridge makes it an especially important acquisition. Left unprotected, the forests and habitat around it become more vulnerable.

DOUBLE your gift’s impact today and ensure we can acquire the land by the October 15th deadline.


The sale of this property comes at a critical time for land conservation.
The Trump administration and Congress are proposing shocking, widespread changes to some of our bedrock environmental laws.And in an unprecedented move, the President has also called for the review of at least two dozen different national monuments, whose protected status could be revoked.This could open these protected lands up for extractive uses and development.
With our most cherished lands under attack, our work to protect the redwoods and the wildlife habitats they create is more important than ever.

We need your help to meet our campaign goal of raising $600,000 by October 15. Any amount you are able to give today will be matched, dollar for dollar, up to $600,000.

Thanks for your help to make a difference for generations to come. For more information about the magnificent diversity and biological importance of Cotoni-Coast Ridge, please read “Cotoni-Coast Ridge: A Place of Exceptional Beauty and Strategic Importance.”

Sara Barth
Executive Director
Sempervirens Fund

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