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Eight Ways Science Helps Protect Redwoods

Eight Ways

Science Helps Protect Redwoods

At Sempervirens Fund, we take great joy in spending time among the redwoods throughout the Santa Cruz Mountains. And we take our roles in conservation and stewardship very seriously. Science has always guided our work, helping us determine the best lands to protect and restore and to steward lands in our care. Here are 8 ways science helps us protect redwoods.

photo by Ian Bornarth.

5. Hydrogeology

  • What is it: the study of groundwater
  • What it supports: watershed restoration
  • Why it matters: helps us see how our above-ground activities positively influence below-ground resources like groundwater, ensuring watershed systems are well-cared for

Water finds a way. We can help! When we think about redwood forests, we also think a lot about water: watersheds, streams, aquifers, creeks, and fog and rain. Coast redwoods thrive here because of year-round sources of moisture and sustenance. The work we do above ground to improve creek conditions, remove a dam, or replenish wetlands can improve habitats for Coho salmon and red-legged frogs, and also contribute to the climatic cycle of water in regional habitats that support a diverse array of life, including redwoods.

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