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Proposition 68 Passes

June 6, 2018 >> Prop. 68, The Clean Water and Parks Act, has passed with roughly 56 percent of the vote. A major contributor to the Yes on 68 Coalition, Sempervirens Fund is grateful Californians have voted to infuse California State Parks with much-needed funds to ensure our public lands are safe, accessible to all and properly managed.

“For 118 years, Sempervirens Fund and California State Parks have partnered to help protect some of the most valuable natural resources in the state. The passage of Proposition 68 is a long overdue investment in California’s public gems,” said Sara Barth, Executive Director, Sempervirens Fund.

In addition to providing $218 million to repair and improve State Parks, Prop. 68 includes substantial investments in programs designed to improve climate change resilience, which Sempervirens Fund considers the number one existential threat to the region.

“Like many places the world over, the Santa Cruz Mountains are facing frequent and severe droughts, wildfires and the impacts of climate change. While Prop. 68 is by no means a cure all, it is a strong step towards responsible stewardship of the land,” said Barth. “In a time of radical environmental change, we cannot afford to sit passively by and hope for the best. Prop. 68 is pro-activism.”

Proposition 68 authorized $4 billion in general obligation bonds for state and local parks, environmental protection and restoration projects, water infrastructure projects, and flood protection projects.

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