Protect Redwoods


Sempervirens Fund protects and connects the local redwood forests

Sempervirens Fund gets its name from the awe-inspiring coast redwood tree: Sequoia sempervirens. Coast redwoods grow only here on California’s Pacific Coast and into southern Oregon, and they’re the tallest tree on Earth – growing 300 feet or more.

Sempervirens Fund is California’s oldest land trust and the only organization dedicated exclusively to protecting and caring for the redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Our donors, partners, board and staff are passionate about protecting the redwood forests that once blanketed the Santa Cruz Mountains from Silicon Valley to the Pacific Ocean. Together we pool our resources in Sempervirens Fund so that we can buy land and establish conservation and trail easements. Learn more about How We Do It.

We’re working together to protect and connect patches of forests so that the natural systems can reassert themselves and the forest can re-grow into the magnificent forest that thrived here for 20 million years.

Every day, we are finding new ways to protect, connect and care for the local redwood forests.

Our Work Protects

  • 2,000-year-old redwoods – the tallest tree on Earth
  • 20 million-year-old redwood forest – growing here and nowhere else
  • Clean air, fresh water and stunning waterfalls
  • Abundant wildlife – like coyotes, salmon and endangered marbled murrelets
  • Extensive trails, campgrounds and picnic spots
  • Quiet, awe-inspiring places to reconnect with the wild and recharge our batteries
  • A complex ecosystem that can thrive here for millions of years to come