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Gazos Creek Redwoods

A Partnership for Vital Habitat in San Mateo County

Gazos Creek ambles through lands adjacent to Butano State Park, near Pescadero. Its watershed is cloaked in mature, second-growth redwoods and stands of old-growth redwoods that haven’t been touched since Big Creek Lumber purchased the land 50 years ago. The clean waters of Gazos Creek, filtered through redwoods roots, are vital spawning grounds for returning Coho salmon and steelhead, and this extremely rare habitat is one of only seven areas in the region suitable for endangered marbled murrelet.

Thanks to a model partnership among land conservationists and the timber industry, Gazos Creek Redwoods is permanently protected. Soon this beautiful creek, lush forest, and pristine habitat will be visited and loved by everyone. Until then, and with your help, we intend to give this wild and scenic forest the care and respect it deserves.

How Gazos Creek Redwoods is becoming public land

In 2019 Sempervirens Fund took over ownership of the 320-acre Gazos Creek property, protected earlier in the year in a larger deal with Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) and Big Creek Lumber.

Since then, Sempervirens Fund staff have been evaluating, planning for, and implementing restoration projects to ensure that the forest is healthy, that the redwoods within grow strong, and that native plants and animals can thrive.

Our goal is to transfer the property to become part of the adjacent Butano State Park, for all to enjoy.

Image of the Gazos Creek Property, taken from the overlook on Olmo Fire Road.

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Goal: $124,000 by June 30

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