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Tax-wise Giving that Benefits You

There are several ways that you can make a gift to Sempervirens Fund that can reduce your taxes, like donating appreciated stock or making a contribution from IRA. Choose a method that’s right for you.

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Make a Gift of Stock:

When you make a gift of appreciated stock directly to Sempervirens Fund, you may get an income tax deduction and avoid some capital gains tax.

To transfer shares, please contact our representative at Morgan Stanley: Alex Bianchi, Sr. Vice President, at (650) 853-4042 or email. For your protection and to mitigate the risk of wire fraud, we have removed account transfer information from our website.

Please notify Julie Seelen, CFRE, Chief of Philanthropy, at (650) 946-1414 or via email with your name, the number of shares and the stock name so that we can acknowledge your generosity.

Qualified Charitable Distributions from Your IRA

You've worked hard and planned for retirement. Now, with a little creativity, you can leverage your retirement assets to make a significant, tax-smart gift to Sempervirens Fund: If you are age 70.5 or older, you can request a QCD from your retirement account to benefit Sempervirens Fund.

How it works:
• Request a QCD from your retirement administrator – you may even be able to log in to your online account to make your request.

• The distribution must be sent directly to Sempervirens Fund – you cannot withdraw the funds first.

• While you will not get a tax deduction for your gift, there is no income tax due on the distribution. This is a great option if you don’t itemize.

• If you are 73 or older and need to take a required minimum distribution (RMD), you can direct some or all of it (subject to maximum gifts allowable) as a QCD.

• You can make up to $105,000 in QCD gifts to all charities in a year ($210,000 for married couples who can donate up to $105,000 each from their own retirement plans).

You will need our legal designation and tax ID number. And please request that your administrator include your name on the transfer so we can ensure you get the correct acknowledgment: Tax ID #: 94-2155097

Please notify Julie Seelen, CFRE, Chief of Philanthropy, at (650) 946-1414 or via email with your name, the name of your IRA administrator and the amount of your distribution so that we can acknowledge your generosity and ensure you get the correct acknowledgment for your taxes.

You may also name Sempervirens Fund as the beneficiary of part or all of your IRA. See here for more info.

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We accept donations of real estate in the Santa Cruz Mountains

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Recommend a grant from your donor advised fund

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