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Amphitheater Construction Underway at New Robert C. Kirkwood Entrance!

We are probably the only people in California that were pleased to have no rain in December. The dry weather allowed for some significant construction progress at the new Robert C. Kirkwood Entrance to Castle Rock State Park. A lot of the progress has occurred underground, with trenching and placing pipes for surface water drainage and sewer, and boring lines for our electrical conduit. You can also see in the pictures, the parking lot and flexible event space (and the rest of the site) have been graded, we’ve seeded the sloped hillsides with blue wild rye (Elymus glaucus) and mountain brome (Bromus carinatus) that was collected hyper-locally, the amphitheater has been excavated, and forms for the mat slab are in place.

There are several amphitheaters throughout the Santa Cruz District. This one being built for Castle Rock is intimate, with 60 bench seats (some with backrests!) plus additional hillside seating. There will be a pull-down screen, quality AV equipment, and a WiFi hot spot. The space will be used for educational programs led by State Parks interpreters, and will also be available to rent for public events.

What types of events would you be interested in attending? Live music? Theatre? Movie screenings? Your comments will help inform Sempervirens Fund’s shaping of Castle Rock 50th Anniversary events.

Please email comments and suggestions to Lauren Chavez at

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