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Accessibility Guide Bob Coomber 4 Wheel Bob By Ian Bornarth

Accessibility in the Santa Cruz Mountains

We are showcasing accessible trails in the Santa Cruz mountains, and we talked with Bob Coomber–the renowned hiker “4 Wheel Bob”, lifelong admirer of redwoods, and member of the State Parks Recreational Trails Commission–to discuss his experiences with accessibility and how he has overcome challenges to explore the outdoors far beyond where the paved trail ends.

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A group of hikers looks up to an unseen redwood canopy in awe

Top 10 Redwood Trails 2022

If you’ve been yearning to reunite with coast redwoods or to see one for the first time, look no further. We’ve gathered trails that feature old-growth redwoods, mature second-growth redwood groves, rare dwarf redwoods, and even rarer ghost redwoods all right here in the Santa Cruz mountains. Here are our Top 10 Redwood Trails for 2022 with the best places to see redwoods now.

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Fall Winter Hikes Santa Cruz Mountains

Fall and Winter Hikes

If recent park closures have left you looking for new trails and places to enjoy the change of seasons this fall and winter, you’re in luck! Our staff are revealing their favorite places to go in the Santa Cruz mountains now. Happy trails to you and please recreate responsibly!

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Visit Camping And Backpacking Skyline To The Sea

Redwood Camping and Backpacking

Sleeping among the towering California redwood trees is an unforgettable treat. Local parks offer a variety of options for family and group camping. Whether you want the comfort of coming back to campground at night after an inspiring day hike or the solitude of backcountry camping, the local redwood parks have just what you need. Here are resources to help you plan a trip to camp in these beautiful forests.

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Sempervirens Fund Executive Director Sara Barth speaks at the grand opening of the Robert C. Kirkwood Entrance at Castle Rock State Park.

Official Opening of the Robert C. Kirkwood Entrance

Kirkwood Entrance Opens to Fanfare Guests joined in the festivities with a champagne toast. With Project Sempervirens Fund, California State Parks, and Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks Describing Model for Success Have you heard jazz music played in the brand-new amphitheater at Castle Rock while sipping champagne? Well, those who joined us the weekend…

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In Memoriam Bob Kirkwood :: 1939-2017

  Bob Kirkwood, dedicated environmentalist and passionate supporter of Sempervirens Fund, passed peacefully on Dec. 10, 2017 in Palo Alto with his wife Edie and sons at his side. In addition to his work with Sempervirens Fund, Bob was a passionate and insightful board contributor to many civic and environmental organizations including SPUR, POST, Trust…

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Amphitheater Construction Underway at New Robert C. Kirkwood Entrance!

We are probably the only people in California that were pleased to have no rain in December. The dry weather allowed for some significant construction progress at the new Robert C. Kirkwood Entrance to Castle Rock State Park. A lot of the progress has occurred underground, with trenching and placing pipes for surface water drainage…

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