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2023 News: What You’ve Made Possible

2023 News

What You've Made Possible

The forest gives us so much—fresher air, cleaner water, and boundless awe.

Without supporters like you, fewer forests would be protected and habitats restored, and they would be less resilient to fires, floods, and the increasing threats from our changing climate.

You have made so many amazing things happen this year for redwood forests, and the people, plants, and creatures that need them. Thank you for protecting forests that help protect us all!

Here are a few of the moments you made possible in 2023.

photo by Orenda Randuch

2023 News

World Wildlife Day

Celebrate World Wildlife Day by voting for your favorite creature—from banana slugs to Townsend big-eared bats—in the redwood forests you help us protect.

Fungi of the Forest: Meet the Mushrooms of San Vicente Redwoods

Mycologist and researcher Maya Elson teamed up with photographer Orenda Randuch for a fungi photo essay to help us meet the mushrooms hard at work at San Vicente Redwoods. Learn identification tips to recognize mushrooms above ground, and their critical work underground to help the forest recover from fire, drought, flood, and human impacts in...

Sempervirens Fund permanently protects 120 acres in Santa Cruz mountains’ Upper Zayante watershed

Late in 2023, Sempervirens Fund permanently protected 120 acres in Santa Cruz mountains’ Upper Zayante watershed. The Isabel Upani conservation easement, donated to Sempervirens Fund by private landowners, guarantees protection of the more than 67 acres of redwood forest.

Awakening of the Silent Forest

See the resurgence of forest life after the 2020 CZU Fire through photographer Ian Bornarth’s lens. Over three years, Bornarth visited Santa Cruz mountain redwood forests every few weeks to capture their recovery and has captivated us with documentation of their resilience and signs of new beginnings.

Rachel Dann joins Sempervirens Fund as Director of Government Relations

Contact: Matt Shaffer, 415-609-2750, Santa Cruz, Calif. (Dec. 19, 2023) – Sempervirens Fund, California’s first and oldest land trust, has hired Rachel Dann, a key aide to many notable politicians in the Monterey Bay Area, to serve as the organization’s first-ever director of government relations. Dann will develop and advance the organization’s conservation agenda….

Close Encounter: Monitoring Marbled Murrelets

An endangered elusive, young seabird was found on the ground in one of its harshest habitats–the Santa Cruz mountains–where they and the redwoods they rely on are both at the end of their range. Read the story of this rare encounter and how monitoring marbled murrelets in the redwoods can support these dwindling species where...

Indigenous Stewardship at San Vicente Redwoods: Past, Present, and Future

After the CZU Fire an opportunity arose to study post-fire effects, survey a baseline of reemerging plants, and help Amah Mutsun Tribal Band members look for eco-archaeological clues to how the Awaswas-speaking peoples lived on and cared for this land. Dive into their research at San Vicente Redwoods as they look into Indigenous Stewardship of...

Fall and Winter Hikes

As thermometers and leaves drop, crisp air and leaves beckon us outside to appreciate a different side of the Santa Cruz mountains’ wild beauty - colorful leaves, sparkling creeks, migrating birds, curious mushrooms, and of course banana slugs and elephant seals. If you're looking for trails and places to enjoy the change of seasons this...

NEWS: San Vicente Redwoods Progress Report on Wildfire Resilience Restoration Three Years After CZU Wildfire, Amid Continued Risk

Since early 2022, San Vicente Redwoods partners have treated more than 820 acres, opened 7.3 miles of public access trails, improved community safety, and secured $3 million in funding to continue necessary work in living laboratory of forest restoration. Learn more.

NEWS: Castle Rock Hollow Purchase to Complete Protected Natural Boundary of Castle Rock State Park

Sempervirens Fund announced its purchase of Castle Rock Hollow, permanently preserving the 51-acre property, which shares a boundary with Sempervirens Fund’s former Castle Rock West property that was recently added to Castle Rock State Park.

Fuel for Fire: Framing Forest Resilience Three Years After the CZU Fire

Three years after the CZU Fire, the resilient land is recovering and fire-adapted species are restoring green to the landscape. But these lush signs of nature's rebirth after fire can quickly become fuel for the next fire. How can we restore these ecosystems from a damaging past for an uncertain future? Take a look through...

NEWS: California State Parks Purchases Six Properties from Sempervirens Fund, Permanently Expanding Castle Rock State Park

NEWS: California State Parks Purchases Six Properties from Sempervirens Fund, Permanently Expanding Castle Rock State Park

Castle Rock State Park Legacy

Sempervirens Fund supporters like you have helped to create, expand, and keep Castle Rock State Park open over the decades. And we’re not done yet. Delve back in time to see how you’ve helped reimagine Castle Rock State Park as we look to what’s next.

Conservation, Eco-Ableism, and Reclaiming Limitations

For far too long, our world has been shaped by ideologies that both imagine, mark, and limit certain bodies for inclusion and exclusion from public space and the greater natural world. Eco-ableism is a core component of the creation of public lands. The outdoors won’t truly be a safe and inclusive space if we do...

Beyond the Bloom: Superblooms in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Our resident biologist and natural resource manager Beatrix Jiménez-Helsley takes us on a photo essay into the rarer side of the superbloom and why its waning in some habitats and just getting started in others—a phenomenon that just may be the saving grace for redwoods and the species that rely on them as our climate...

NEWS: Sterrenzee Ridgetop Acquired to Expand Footprint of Big Basin Redwoods State Park Area Conservation

News: Sterrenzee Ridgetop Acquired to Expand Footprint of Big Basin Redwoods State Park Area Conservation

Redwoods and Climate Part 4

In the final part of the redwoods and climate series by Julia Busiek, we explore research about how climate change is already affecting redwoods across their range, and how it informs our new plan to save redwoods, and the plants and wildlife that rely on them, before its too late.

Ancient Trees in a Modern World

Can thinking of redwoods differently help us give care to young things that might grow old in the face of climate change before it's too late? Thanks to historian and author Jared Farmer, we are expanding our vocabulary for describing and understanding what he calls “Elderflora,” which is also the title of his new book...

Earth Month of Action

As we grapple with a changing climate, the need to take action for the 52nd Earth Day on April 22 feels more urgent than ever. We have put together a calendar of 30 actions—from planting a native garden to experiencing forest bathing—you can take throughout the month to protect the natural world close to you....

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