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Photography of Robert Buelteman

Robert Buelteman (American, b. 1954) was raised in the then-sleepy town of Woodside, California, where his parents, and the natural beauty of the town's environment, cultivated a deep and abiding love of nature in the artist. His passion for protecting the biosphere inspired Buelteman to render the landscape in classic analog black-and-white photographs to much acclaim, including three award-winning monographs and over 70 solo exhibitions in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

The artworks in this limited-edition collection once decorated the walls of Sempervirens Fund's Los Altos offices and are comprised of donations by the photographer as well as acquisitions made by the Fund over the 40 years that Buelteman has worked documenting their lands.  Since 2020, Sempervirens Fund has reduced its office space footprint and these beautiful pieces need a new home.

Buelteman's art has received accolades from institutions as diverse as the United States Congress, the Commonwealth Club of California, the Committee for Green Foothills, and the Natural Resources Defense Council. In recent years his art has been the subject of essays in 23 languages on six continents around the globe and can be found in public and private collections worldwide, including the Yale University Art Museum, Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Denver Botanical Gardens, the San Francisco Airport, Bank of America, Adobe Systems, Stanford University, Xerox, and Nikon.

All proceeds benefit Sempervirens Fund, California's first land trust, protecting redwoods in the Santa Cruz mountains since 1900.

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