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Big Basin Redwoods State Park before the wildfires from the CZU Lightening Incident

Wildfires in Big Basin Redwoods State Park

We are devastated to report that Big Basin, as we have known it, loved it, and cherished it for generations, is gone. Early reports are that the wildfire has consumed much of the park’s historic facilities. We do not yet know the fate of the park’s grandest old trees.

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Sempervirens Club’s Christmas Wish List in 1908

Sempervirens Club’s Christmas Wish List in 1908 As the year 1908 drew to a close, Sempervirens Club found itself fighting to protect their great victory – the 1901 establishment of 3,800-acre California Redwood Park, which they had achieved after years of skillfully lobbying the California Legislature. As Christmas approached in 1908, members of the club were…

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Marbled Murrelet Water Takeoff

Ornithology Mystery Solved at Big Basin

Marbled murrelets sport mottled brown feathers during breeding season, which falls between mid-April and late September.(Photo credit: Oregon State University) For decades, the marbled murrelet vexed biologists and birders. Scientists hypothesized that the seabird nested on cliffsides (like other members of the auk family), on islands, or in burrows. Some theorized that marbled murrelets lived…

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Discover Sempervirens Falls at Big Basin Redwoods State Park

by Amanda Krauss, Tribute Program Manager On one of my first visits to Big Basin Redwoods State Park I went to Sempervirens Falls. The 20-foot waterfall was gently flowing over the stone wall surrounded by moss covered tan oaks, Douglas firs and coast redwoods. I stopped and listened to the quiet sound of the water,…

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an image of logs stacked in rows

Big Basin’s Campfire Center Restored

After years of work, Big Basin Redwoods State Park’s historic Campfire Center has been fully restored. The restoration project was funded with over $275,000 in funds allocated by Sempervirens Fund’s Board of Directors, including a $50,000 grant from the Jeangerard Foundation.

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