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Climate And Redwoods Tree Rings With Increments By Ink Dwell

Redwoods and Climate Part 2

In the second part of a new series by Julia Busiek about the impacts of climate on redwoods, we explore emerging research into tree rings and tree morphology and what it may mean for redwoods—and us—in an increasingly volatile climate.

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End Of Rain DSC03767 By Scott Ordway

The End of Rain

As temperatures soar, droughts become more frequent, and fire seasons lengthen, does it change how we see the land? Scott Ordway, an award-winning composer and multimedia artist, explored those questions and shared his reflections through words, sounds, and images with the hope that art experiences like these can help strengthen connections with nature–the basis for action.

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Camp Jones Gulch Sign By YMCA San Francisco

Camp Jones Gulch: A Partnership for Youth and Nature

Some of the oldest redwoods in the Santa Cruz mountains thrive at a YMCA camp with the oldest history of inclusion—Camp Jones Gulch. We sat down with Jamie Bruning-Miles, President and CEO for The Y of San Francisco, to talk about how, together, we are expanding youth access to nature.

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Asia Rainbow Eucalyptus By Dirk HR Spennemann

10 Trees Around the World

We’ve gathered 10 of the most interesting trees from around the world and parks where you might meet them. We hope these trees help nurture appreciation for all that they do for us, wildlife, and the planet. If you’re ready to share your appreciation for trees and want to help spread the love, join us for our Hug-a-Tree Challenge on Earth Day, April 22, 2022 where you can help establish a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® title for the most photos of people hugging trees in one hour.

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Climate and Redwoods water illustration by Ink Dwell

Redwoods and Climate

The Santa Cruz mountains are a southern stronghold for California’s coast redwoods. The range’s oldest trees have withstood nearly two millennia of drought, floods, winds, fires, earthquakes, and changes made by the area’s human residents. In this new series we explore how Earth’s changing climate shaped redwoods, is affecting redwoods today, and what the future holds.

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CZU Anniversary

On August 16, 2020 a climate-fueled-weather event sparked the most catastrophic fire ever recorded in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Over the next month, fire raged through the region impacting lives, communities, parks, and some of the most ancient and beloved remaining coast redwood forests in the world. A year later, we look back at the CZU Fire.

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explore nature and leave it be

Exploring Nature and Leaving It Be: a Guide

Did you know that your next outdoor adventure can help save the planet? Okay, maybe not “save the planet”—but you can make a big difference. All the while, nature will make a difference for you too. It’s a win-win. Read on for tips for protecting and enjoying nature, and helping slow climate change.

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Coast Redwoods Fight Climate Change

Denying Climate Change Despite a Radically Changing Climate Over the last decade, Americans have become increasingly concerned about climate change and its effects on our lives and communities. In recent years, our planet has reached its highest temperatures ever recorded. New records are being set every year. Catastrophic weather events are no longer rare and…

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Partnering to Protect the Redwoods

Sempervirens Fund and Save the Redwoods League: Partnering to Protect the Redwoods Sempervirens Fund and Save the Redwoods League have been allies in the fight to protect coast redwoods since the League’s inception in 1918. Over the years, the two organizations have worked together through both informal collaboration and official partnerships. Now, as new and…

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Redwood Champions Amid Drought and Climate Change

Redwoods are extraordinary. The more we learn about them, the more extraordinary they prove to be. We’ve known for a long time that California’s coast redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) are the world’s tallest trees and among the longest-living. Scientists are now confirming that redwoods play an important role in the local water cycle and in achieving a healthy, stable climate.

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